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Yes, it is possible. However, if any controversial issues arise at customs house, regarding the cargo and the customs declaration (for example, incorrectly selected FEACN code, discrepancies in the actual weight of the goods and the one declared in the documents, adjustment of the customs value), the customs broker “washes his hands”, and the person remains one on one with the customs authorities. We have a complex solution for such problems. Our company offers support during the whole transaction from beginning to end, execution and verification of all documents necessary for customs clearance, selection of the correct FEACN code, as well as prompt resolution of all issues arising at customs authorities regarding the customs declaration.

Clearly define the goods, place of purchase, supplier and price, if you want to import the goods yourself. Import costs will be highly dependent on the codes and import patterns you define. In any case, you will need: -A contract with the supplier of the goods (usually in two languages: importer’s and exporter’s ones. Delivery terms must be specified in the contract) -Passport of the import transaction -Currency account (exactly the currency that you will pay) -Certificates / declarations, if the goods are subject to certification or declaration of conformity Each product requires its own method of transportation, and, consequently, its own procedure for customs clearance, certification, payment. When considering on the name of the product, look at the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature and determine its code, clarify whether this product needs certificates of conformity and a registration certificate. Be sure to check out INCOTERMS. Invoices and CMRs will naturally be in the sender's language. These are the main activities for the importation of goods on the territory of the Russian Federation. Not all the nuances and subtleties are outlined here. If you want to avoid the "traps" until you figure out the intricacies of importing goods on your own, contact «Impos Trade». We will take care of all the importation, and you will be able to receive qualified assistance and advice at every step. Over time, you will be able to import goods on your own, avoiding mistakes, delays at the border and fines.

Many Russian buyers are looking for suppliers on the Internet ... and they lose money. Many serious manufacturers and suppliers do not promote their services over the Internet, do not improve their sites and do not advertise their goods on popular resources. Such suppliers "are missed" by those who are looking for offers only through the Internet. Add the low reputation of Russian buyers in some countries, and you will understand that it is difficult to find a wonderful supplier through the Internet. Only the most desperate ones work with China without intermediaries, directly and even without personal meetings: it is considered bad manners if you are not present at the conclusion of the contract in person or through a representative. It's almost a guarantee that you won't get a perfect deal. We will help you find a supplier, organize transportation, quality control of manufactured products, certification of goods and their customs clearance. Firstly, you must clearly define the assortment, price, purchase volume, delivery speed and characteristics of your product. You can register the first batch of goods after our representative personally visits a Chinese company and inspects their business. You will receive substantial savings on the payment of duties due to properly organized import schemes and knowledge of the nuances in foreign and Russian customs legislation in addition to simplifying the work with the supplier and customs.

We check each supplier and carrier for reliability.