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The company «Stagroup» provides a wide range of services in the sphere of organization of international transportation. We carry out international transportation from the CIS, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan.

International transportation of goods from China is carried out by sea through the Far East and the Baltic. The option of sending by rail is possible through the stations Naushki (border with Mongolia) and Zabaikalsk (border with China). Air delivery (from 9 days) will be the fastest and most expensive, shipping by sea (from 35 to 50 days) will be the slowest and most affordable.

International sea shipping from China differs in delivery time depending on the port of arrival. Nakhodka and Vladivostok or St. Petersburg and European berths (Riga, Tallinn, Hamburg, Kotka) can be the port of arrival. The transit time through the Far East will be 35-40 days and it will be 45-50 through the Baltic. Moreover, summer delivery through Europe will be cheaper than delivery through Vladivostok and Nakhodka. During winter the price aligns or becomes more expensive in the opposite direction. This is because the cost of international transportation by sea through Europe ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 4,000 per season due to the additional winter fees of shipping companies. You should contact our specialists for a specific rate.

International road transport applies not only to China, but also to Europe. Road transportation can be implemented directly from the consignor's warehouse in Europe to your warehouse in Russia. If your volume of goods is not enough to load a whole vehicle you can use our service for the delivery of combined cargo. In this case we pick up your goods from the consignor and move them to our warehouse for further shipment and customs clearance in Russia.

We can also assist in the international transportation of dangerous goods. However, we analyze each case individually. Contact our specialists to calculate the cost of such transportation.

In case of dealing with international shipments it is important to consider the cost of customs clearance. Any consignment, which is more than $ 500 and heavier than 30 kilograms is subject to obligatory customs declaration. We strongly recommend you to contact our specialist to calculate the optimal delivery scheme and payment of customs duties in order to avoid mistakes, additional payments and confiscation of goods.

Any consultation with our specialist is free!