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“STAGROUP “ is pleased to offer you the "contract holder" service if you need to receive or sell goods quickly and effortlessly without going into the study of customs formalities.

Customs clearance of goods has its own specificities and nuances. It is difficult for companies that are just starting to operate in the sphere of foreign economic activity to deal with the specifics of customs operations. Non-compliance with requirements and restrictions may lead to violation of the law and then to an administrative offense.

According to the statistics of the federal customs service of Russia, 52% of cases of administrative offenses are instituted for inaccurate declaration, 23% of cases are connected with violation of currency legislation and 16% of them are related to non-observance of prohibitions and restrictions.

"Contract holder" is a package of services that includes a set of measures for carrying a foreign trade transaction at your request on behalf of our company, that is why the risk of receiving an administrative fine is excluded.

Why is it profitable to use this service?

  • Guaranteed reliable declaration. Your representative takes care of all export/import formalities during sending or receiving the goods in accordance with the current legislation;
  • Strict observance of currency legislation. If you make payments in foreign currency, you will not need to open a foreign currency account in a bank, issue a transaction passport if the amount under the contract is equal to $ 50,000 or exceeds this sum;
  • There are no obligations to cooperate with customs and certification authorities, and also you do not have to sign up as a participant of foreign economic activity at customs posts;
  • Economy. There is no need to maintain your own department for foreign economic activity with your specialists in foreign economic activity and customs clearance.

Course of action for the service "contract holder":

  • Development of a clear scheme for conducting a foreign economic transaction, determining the required list of documents and delivery conditions, and also organizing the transportation of goods;
  • Calculation of the goods cost, taking customs payments into account;
  • Conclusion of a contract with your counterparty;
  • Customs clearance of the goods;
  • Delivery of goods.